Mosquito Facts And Concerns

Mosquitos are one of the most annoying parts of living in Alabama and the deep south.  The mosquito is most active from dusk until dawn. However, they are still close to home sheltering under foliage during the heat of the day.

How does the Ecopest Defense Plus Mosquito Control Help?

This is where our EcoDefense Plus Service of your home to kill mosquitos is important in keeping the population down. One of our trained technicians will come to your home and treat your yard. Treatment not only kills mosquitos on contact but also leaves a protective coating on your bushes, foliage, and grass that effectively repels mosquitos.

A single mosquito can produce one billion offspring, and they need water to lay their eggs. It doesn’t have to be fresh water either. Remove any standing water around your home on a regular basis. We mention this because removing any standing water is certainly an important part of any mosquito prevention plan in addition to spraying.

How important is mosquito prevention?

Despite their size, mosquitos are responsible for more human deaths that any living creature. They are certainly a serious risk to public health primarily because of the virus they carry and transmit to humans such as the West Nile Virus and Zika.

According to the American Mosquito Control Association, As of 2014, “there have been 36,437 cases of WNV reported to CDC. Of these, 15,774 have resulted in meningitis/encephalitis, and 1538 were fatal. CDC estimates that there have been at least 1.5 million infections (82% are asymptomatic) and over 350,000 cases of West Nile Fever, but the disease is grossly under reported due to its similarity to other viral infections.”

Infected people usually are not aware.  The West Nile virus symptoms are similar to the flu. Symptoms include a headache, fever, fatigue, body aches and a rash.

Protect your family from mosquitos has never been easier.  Partner with Ecopest Pest Control for professional mosquito prevention and control services.  Summer fun is just around the corner, and who wants to deal with annoying mosquitos biting and buzzing around your family and guests? Call Ecopest Today: 256-274-1716

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