Rats and Mice Outside Your Business

Sitting in the parking lot of a local food establishment I was admiring the landscaping and then from the bushes came a mouse that scampered by running as fast as it could to the next set of bushes. So I began to think about the restaurant that I had just purchased food from and whether or not they had a problem with mice inside. Not very appetizing.

As a business owner what goes on outside your restaurant can be just as important as what goes on inside. I was turned off at the thought of mice in or around the restaurant, but being in the pest control business I understood that the business owner may not be aware of the mouse issue going on outside. If there is one, there are more guaranteed. Your reputation could be at risk if you let a mouse issue get out of control. Restaurants attract mice and rats because of waste bins that your patrons have deposited trash in, as well as trash they’ve thrown out of their vehicles that didn’t quite make it into the trash receptacle. Let’s not forget the restaurants main trash bin where all the interior trash is discarded. Free food for birds, mice, and rats.

Take notice of what is going on outside the business, empty trash bins regularly and instruct employees to inform you of any rodent activity they may see. If you don’t already have a pest management company that performs routine services on a regular basis contact Ecopest Pest Control and schedule your free consultation. Our number is 256-274-1716.