Spring Pests

With the warmer weather of spring new life unfolds. Grass begins to grow again, flowers start to bloom, and beauty abounds. We all enjoy the beauty of the season but with warmer weather spring pests come out of hibernation. Have you prepared for the invasion? If you haven’t hired a pest control professional to treat your home year round you need to get ready for unwanted ants, spiders, and termites. Be Prepared!

3 Common Spring Pests

Ants – They haven’t gone anywhere. In fact, they are hibernating close to your home ready for the spring weather and a steady supply of food. They’ll be out in full force very soon, and your home has just what they’re looking for — warmth during chilly nights, food and water plenty, and shelter from the direct sun and the spring thunderstorms and rain. Ants will return again and again to a food source leaving a scent trail to follow. With a pest management plan from Ecopest, you can ward off the imminent ant invasion.

Spiders – Your home is a potential shelter for spiders from the wet spring weather. Are you prepared to share your home? Spiders will seek out dark, concealed corners of your home to spin their webs and lay their eggs. Removing webs doesn’t kill spiders, they’ll just create another one. Keep in mind that Northern Alabama doesn’t just have spiders, we have venomous spiders to contend with – the brown recluse. Leave it to the pest management professionals at Ecopest. With the application of the right product inside and outside of your home, you can live pest free.

Termites – No one thinks about termites during the cold winter months. They haven’t gone anywhere either. In fact, if you have a termite infestation they’ve been eating away at your home all year long. You may not have termite problems now, but the spring swarm is coming, and termites will be out in full force searching for the perfect place to start a new colony. Hire Ecopest now in preparation for the swarm and guard your home against these unwanted spring pests.

EcoPest has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to ways to prevent pests. We will assist you with information on what you can do to prevent termites, ants, spiders and more. Get started before spring pests invade your home – contact Ecopest today at 256-274-1716.